Watch Free Movies & TV Shows with 123Movies

Watching movies, shows, and series online has never been easier. By using this 123 free movies website, you can watch your favorite content online without downloading it. There are many free streaming websites and apps to choose from, but none of them provides the features, availability, and clean interface of this website.

It doesn't matter what type of movies you are interested in, and you can always use the 123Movies sites that work to watch them online. Of course, there are many 123Movies alternatives available out there, and some do have a similar interface and option. None of them has proven to provide the seamless experience you can enjoy on this website, and if you haven't used it, then go ahead and give it a try today.

Since many people are new to websites like 123Movies, we are pretty sure you are eager to know more about it. Well, the best way to find this out is by visiting and trying the website to stream something online. Just for your help, we have mentioned everything about the 123 Movie website below, and you must read the information till the end.

Remember that, our website is completely safe and secure and it is completely legal too. We do not encourage piracy and keep our website free from copyright issues. Also, you can use this website on all of your devices, like computers, tablets, and even mobile devices too. So, without wasting more time, let us dive into the world of entertainment with the best free movie-streaming website, 123Movies.

What Is 123Movies?

123Movies is the most popular free movie streaming site around the world. The official 123Movies website was launched a few years back, but it was taken down by the owners. For the time it was up, many webmasters cloned it, and this website is a result of that. Despite being a site like 123Movies, this website offers complete streaming solutions to visitors.

The website comes with a very user-friendly interface and options that can be used on almost all types of devices. Not only this, but 123 Movie is suitable for people of all ages because it offers content across various categories like drama, romance, action, comedy, animation, and many more. You can also download movies for offline streaming from this website.

Things You Can Watch On 123Movies Websites

123Movies websites offer a vast collection of movies and TV shows from different genres and countries. Users can browse through various categories like action, adventure, animation, biography, comedy, crime, drama, family, fantasy, horror, mystery, romance, sci-fi, sport, thriller, and war. They can also filter the content based on the release year, country, language, and IMDb ratings.

Some popular movies and TV shows are available on 123Movies websites, including Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Breaking Bad, Avengers: Endgame, Joker, The Lion King, The Witcher, The Mandalorian, and many more. The websites also feature a section for the latest and trending releases, allowing users to stay up-to-date with the newest titles in the entertainment industry.

  • Here are a few more things that you can enjoy on this website:
  • TV series from different countries and genres, both old and new.
  • Documentaries on various topics, including nature, history, science, and politics.
  • Anime series and movies from Japan and other Asian countries.
  • Cartoons and animated movies for kids and adults.
  • Foreign language films with subtitles, including indie and art house movies.
  • Live sports events, such as football matches and boxing fights.
  • Stand-up comedy specials and other comedy shows.

Features of 123Movies Official Website | 123 Movies New URL

Large Selection of Movies and TV Shows

123Movies free movie streaming website, offers a wide range of movies and TV shows from different genres, including classic and new releases. This feature can be appealing to users who are looking for a variety of options to choose from. The selection may include popular titles as well as lesser-known movies and TV shows that might not be available on other streaming services. However, it's important to note that the quality of the movies and TV shows may vary, and some may be of lower quality or resolution than what you would find on paid streaming services.

No subscription Fees

Unlike paid movie streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, 123Movies free movie streaming websites do not require a subscription fee. You don't have to worry about paying certain fees or subscription charges to enjoy this service. We try to bring all the content that is available in the public domain, and that's where other streaming websites for movies lack. From using our website to sharing, everything can be done in just a few taps. Though if you want, then you can leave us a tip that helps in keeping the website alive. Also, you will be asked to prove yourself as a human, and you might have to follow a certain method to whitelist your IP.

No Download Required

You can stream movies and TV shows directly from the 123Movies websites free without having to download them to your device. This feature can be convenient for users who don't want to take up space on their devices with downloaded content. Though if you want, then you can download content for offline streaming, but it can be done only with a few titles on our website. You can click on the Download In HD button to start the downloading process. Moreover, you can also use third-party download managers services like Internet Download Manager or JDownloader to grab the video streaming links for downloading.


Sites like 123Movies may be ad-supported, meaning that you may need to watch ads before or during the streaming of the movie or show. This is actually a way for the website to generate revenue without charging a subscription fee to the users. We will recommend you not use an ad-blocker since we earn only from those ads. If you want to remove ads, then you can register an account on our website. This will unlock a few more benefits; you will be able to create playlists, resume videos where you left off, comment on the titles, request an upload, and many more.

User-Generated Content

Some free movie streaming websites allow users to upload their own content, which can increase the variety of available movies and shows. However, it's important to note that 123Movies does not allow that. Instead, you can request the website owners to upload something you are not able to find on the website. The website is completely free and safe to use, so you don't have to worry about anything while using it. Thousands of viewers use this website daily to watch movies and TV shows online without downloading.

What Is 123Movies Called Now?

The official 123Movies website was a popular online streaming platform for movies and TV shows. However, due to copyright infringement issues, the website was shut down by the authorities. Many copycat websites have emerged since then, but this website is among the best that you can use right now. This website offers services similar to 123Movies, and you can find almost the same number of movies, shows, and series to watch online without downloading.

Is There A 123Movies App Available?

123Movies, or any of its derivatives, are not available as an app on official app stores. However, there are some third-party app stores or websites that may offer a 123Movies APK file for download. It is important to be cautious when downloading any app from third-party sources, as it may pose a risk to your device's security. Instead of falling for such apps and services, you can consider using this website on your mobile devices too.

How To Find A Working 123Movies Downloader?

There are many websites that claim to offer working downloaders for 123Movies content, but it is important to be cautious when using such websites. Some of them may contain malware or viruses that can harm your device. You can either use the built-in downloader function available on this page to save files for offline streaming or use third-party download managers like IDM or ADM to download movies and shows for free.

What Replaced 123Movies 2023?

Since 123Movies was shut down, there have been many websites that have tried to fill the void left by its absence. Some of the popular 123Movies alternatives 2023 include Putlocker, SolarMovie, and FMovies. However, it is important to note that using these websites may also be illegal in some countries, and they may not be as reliable as official streaming platforms. If you are not able to access them, then consider using a VPN.

Is 123Movies Illegal?

123Movies was known for providing free access to copyrighted content, which made it illegal in many countries. Streaming or downloading copyrighted content without the owner's permission is a violation of copyright laws and can result in legal consequences. Therefore, it is recommended to use legal streaming platforms that offer licensed content and stay away from services or websites that offer 123Movies free movie apps for Android and iOS devices.

Final Words

123Movies 2023 is definitely an amazing streaming website that comes with a lot of features and an easy-to-use interface. The website features multiple streaming servers for each video, ensuring uninterrupted viewing even if one server experiences technical difficulties. Another important aspect of 123Movies is the regularly updated content, with new releases and the latest episodes added frequently.

Don't jump to conclusions before trying the website yourself, and that's the best thing you can do right now. Even if you are searching for free movie download sites, you can use this 123Movies website without any issues. You also have the option to create a watchlist and keep track of your favourite titles, making it convenient to return to content you want to stream online.